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The artwork and sculpture of Joyce Steinfeld

Joyce Steinfeld

American 1950 -

Joyce Steinfeld is best known for her sculpture work in cast bronze and fabricated metals using simple, powerful and elegant abstract shapes that point to the philosophical idea of living a happy productive life in a world that is ecologically cared for. She expands on this idea with her development of a series of works she calls “Language Art” and by using the language symbols in an artistic way, “We begin to appreciate and bridge the cultural differences that separate us.” This theme is again evident in her abstractions of the human form. “My abstractions of the human form, show gender, but race, nationality and ethnicity are not recognizable.” She is the founder of the non-profit 501c3 Art and Tolerance.



Open Studio 



Ruth Bancroft Garden Sculpture Show

Fabricated Steel Outdoor Sculptures

Walnut Creek, California

Group Show 


The Garden of Hebrew and Arabic Letters

Collection of 6 Fabricated Steel Sculptures of Hebrew and Arabic Words, such as Peace, Love, Wisdom, Hope and One. A book created to accompany the Exhibition, was translated into English, Hebrew and Arabic and can be downloaded for Free from:

Mamilla Alrov Shopping Maull, Outdoor location

between Jaffa Gate and the Old City

Jerusalem, Israel

Group Show



Ruth Bancroft Garden Sculpture Show

Fabricated Steel Outdoor Sculptures

Walnut Creek, California

Group Show 



Open Studio

2008 to 2015 yearly


Solo Exhibition

The Sacred Word: A Sculptural Exploration of Hebrew and Chinese Characters

Marin Jewish Community Center, San Rafael, California



Galleries Exhibition 

Coda Gallery • Palm Desert, CA.

73-151 El Paseo

Palm Desert, Ca. 92260



Solo Show

In the Beginning: An Exploration of the Hebrew Alphabet 

Los Gatos Jewish Community Center, Los Gatos, California






Hebrew Word for One

Permanent Collection, Main Lobby, Bronze on Granite Base

Los Gatos Jewish Community Center



Alef Letter Sculpture

Permanent Collection, Liturgical Outdoor, Fabricated Steel

Congregation Shir Hadash

Los Gatos, Califonnia



The Hebrew Name for Hadassah Sculpture

Permanent Collection, Hospital, Cast Bronze on Granite Base

The Hadassah Hospital, The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower

Ein Karem, Israel

Year 2012



Mikvah/Hope Sculpture with Masada Mural

Permanent Collection, Liturgical Setting, Fabricated Steel and Metal Art Print

Los Gatos Jewish Community Center Mikvah

Los Gatos, California




Continuing Education: San Francisco State College, De Anza College and West Valley College

• 3D Drawing in Solidworks, 

• Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA.

• Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis, MO.

• High School of Music and Art, New York City, N.Y.


Show Review by

Rabbi Joshua Fenton
Center for Jewish Life and Learning
APJCC, 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032
We have a new Art Exhibit here at the JCC.  Local artist Joyce Steinfeld is showing some of her work on the Hebrew alphabet, the Aleph Bet.  Through painting and sculpture Steinfeld investigates the deeper meanings of the letters, the shapes of the characters, and in doing so helps us to look at something we have seen for years with new eyes.  Why does an Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, look the way it does?  Notice the lines, the shape, what is the story behind the letter?

And Steinfeld is in good company in pondering the messages behind the letters themselves.  It was none other than the famous Rabbi Akiva of the Talmud, who would derive meaning from the interpretation of a single letter.  A collection of teachings, Otiot de Rabbi Akiba, deals exclusively with the study and interpretation of the letters themselves.    But let's be honest, so what?  They're letters, characters interpreted as sounds (and in Hebrew's case numbers as well) that we use to convey ideas.  It is the idea that matters.  When I string the letters together they make words and as I string the words together I then share thoughts.  Before they are put together in words and sentences they are simply empty vessels.
But Steinfeld and Rabbi Akiva, with 2000 years separating them, would tell us we are wrong.  There is value to the container, they argue.  There is something to be learned from the shape and form of each letter, and when we read in the Mishna that before God created the world God created the Aleph Bet, we are reminded of Steinfeld and Akiva and forced to take another look.  Perhaps there is more there than we thought.   Maybe Steinfeld and Akiba are right.  Maybe on the surface they are only letters, but beneath the surface lies a world of meaning and depth that we would otherwise miss completely.  In these days and months after the High Holidays, I would like to not only encourage everyone to visit the JCC and check out the fabulous new art show, but also take the message to heart.
Not far below the surface of the world we see and hear, is a deeper world of profound meaning.  Perhaps these two teachers, separated by millennia, are both reminding us to take a closer look at our lives and the things we take for granted; asking us to spend another moment looking deeper in the search for a new perspective.



June, 2010 – Israel in the Garden – Yerba Buena Garden, San Francisco, California

September 2010 – To Life – Palo Alto, California

November, 2009 - Bringing the Jewish Alphabet to Life -Triton Art Museum • Santa Clara, California •

November 2009 - Bronze Sculptures of the Jewish Alphabet - Fort Mason, San Francisco


2006 Los Gatos Art Association Open Juried Show 2009 Los Gatos Art Association Open Juried Show • Honorable Mention

2005 to 2007 Bejeweled: The San Jose Museum of Art’s Jewelry Show
2000 to 2006 Artistry in Fashion • Designer Sale at Canada College RWC
2007 Art Fair at the Triton Museum



Accessories Magazine • September 1995
Accessories Magazine • November 1994



Bank of America Bronze Hollow Cube Award, Bronze Bee Award Field Communications, Pewter Hollow Cube on Point Award, International Diamond Corporation Bronze Man looking at Diamond Award, Balance Scale Award

Pewter PLM Corporation Pewter Model Railcar Award Shasta Corporation Pewter Cable Car Paperweight Dole Corporation Ceramic Banana Bank


Extra Large Steel Alef, for outdoor memorial garden at Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Gatos, California scheduled for completion Spring 2012.

Bronze Sculpture of Hebrew Word Mikva and prayer, for Mikva pool at Los Gatos Jewish Community Center, scheduled for completion Summer of 2012.

Chinese Character Sculpture of Word “One” for Art Collector Hsiang-wen Chen of Saratoga, Ca., scheduled for completion Summer 2012.


Jewbilee January 2011 • Los Gatos Jewish Community Center - An art project using the Hebrew Letter custom font style that Joyce Steinfeld designed. Participants from the local community made collage and decoupage artwork using her letter fonts.

Jewish Art Week, February 2011 - In honor of Jewish Art Week, Joyce Steinfeld gave a lecture at the Temple Shir Hadash in Los Gatos, and talked about her work with the Hebrew letter font style that she created, and what it means to her to be an artist.

Charity Event - Jewish Home & Senior Living Foundation, 17th Annual Fund Raising Event, May 2011.  Sold a large Alef Bronze Sculpture to Mr. & Mrs. Doug Goldman (a branch of the Levi Strauss Family) and a Bet Bronze Sculpture to Ellen Berger.

Retirement Gift - Jewish Home & Senior Living Foundation – gave a Bronze Lamed Sculpture for a retirement gift, June 2011.


Joyce Steinfeld • Sculptor
+1 408-564-1490

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