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See Below Show Preview of Joyce Steinfeld's Language Art Sculpture.

Pre-show sales available.

Please contact Joyce at: or 1 408 564 1490

Language Art Pieces Using words, characters and symbols from Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Sikh languages I created these table top size sculptures, which can also be displayed on pedestals. Prices range from $185.00 to $790.00 each.

Magnet Bird Art Each sculpture includes one outdoor Bird Art Magnet, made from hand finished stainless steel. Price range of $10.00 to $30.00. These magnets are great to place on any steel surface outdoors.

About Color Application Each color requires a separate application of masking out areas not to be colored and then applying the color to the desired area. In powder painting, the colors are baked on. It is very unusual to see more then one color of powder paint applied to a art piece. 

Chinese Character Circle of Life with Birds

15”H X 11.5”W X 5”D

$ 790.00

steel, powder paint, resin paint

Hebrew Word Tikvah (Hope)

15”H X 5.5W X 4”D


steel, powder paint

Arabic Word for One

18”H X 8”W X 4”D


steel, powder paint

Ek Onkar • Sikh symbol for One

9”H X 9”W X 4”D


steel and red powder paint

Walls of Eden

48”H X 32”W X 10”D


Stainless Steel and Steel.

This piece is about the spaces in-between or behind what we consider positive. In our daily lives would could call it the time between two main activities. In a visual art piece it is the negative areas of pieces that I have cut out of a piece of metal. In this work, I planned the negative areas. I knew that I would use these left over pieces of metal to make another art work, so there was thought given to the placement of the pieces I wanted to cut out. It is the same in our everyday lives. How can we use these precious small segments of time. Remember they are not to be discarded, but reworked into a valuable new work of art. 

Walls of Eden

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