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Sanctuary Sculpture & Art

We go to our sanctuary space to unwind and release that stuck energy in our bodies and environment, known as stress. We have taken our time, energy and attention to create this space to honor ourselves in a healthy way and explore what it means to be human. We know there are powerful tools we can use to talk to our subconscious mind and choosing a special artwork that speaks to us and creates a mood for our sanctuary space is one of them.

ek_onkar _sanctuary.jpg

This sculpture, Ik Onkar is the symbol that represents the one supreme reality and is a central tenet of Sikh religious philosophy.


This sculpture, The Tree of Life with Birds is about the meaning we add to our lives. The Bird is a symbol of freedom and perspective. They are thought of as messengers of God, bridging the mundane and spiritual life.


This sculpture is the Hebrew Word Tikvah. The translation of this word is Hope. Hope is the foundation of all our actions in the world. With Hope, we try for the first time or repeatably to reach our dreams.


Other Elements to Consider

1- Small or large spaces indoor or outdoor that are personally appealing are good.

2- Declutter area.

3- Consider views available

4- Being able to control lighting intensity

5- Appealing sounds and smells

6- Adding nature in the form of plants, rocks and crystals both to indoor and outdoor settings.

I book I liked on this topic

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