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Sign Posts among the Living Shapes

A book with a Poem, connected to Bronze Sculpture that reflect the meaning of the words.


I Traveled to the top of the World to look for my Eternity.


Each person, coming into this world struggles with these questions. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? And if there is persistence into these inquiries, we begin to look at ways we can contribute to this amazing experience called LIFE.


But like a Figure Eight, I kept returning to the same questions.

The exploration of who am I and why am I here may seem like a circular journey, more because our personal truth is usually obvious and simple but we need to explore and try our hand at a variety of experiences before we come back to the easy personal truth we knew about from the beginning. 


My Aspirations stood like sign posts in the desert.


Life is magical. It is constantly giving us experiences and putting us together with people who are important to our journey. When we are not mindful, we don’t recognize what is in front of our eyes, and we see the garden as a desert. 


And a Bird laid a feather at my feet, as a sign that Angeles were always with me.

Birds and Angles are symbols of uplift and peace. Birds are a common sign that there are angels nearby and when you find their feathers this can be a sign to keep your eyes open for other signs and take advantage of their wisdom and the hints they leave you.


The animals knew more then I. I asked the Dog.

The world of nature that surrounds us is constantly taking to us if we will listen. 


The Mother and Child knew something. Should I ask them now?


If we allow it, we are surrounded by love and there are people who want to help us on our path.


Figure Eight Sculpture is available to be ordered for information


The Wind in the desert, kept pointing me to follow.

And everywhere we turn the Universe will conspire to help us.




The talking head in my mind, the whispers in my Heart.

When we become skilled in mindfulness, we become aware of the self-talk in our minds and what we are telling ourselves.


My Destiny is unfolding

We have our own unique path. We are not in competition with any other person. Our life, our work, our relationships are unique and are ours for the taking. Ask and you shall receive.


I am Blooming in ways I could not dream.


Many people limit what they feel is possible for them, and when they finally allow for more in their lives they are surprised at what is possible. 


I am Rising Above these limits I have set.


The truth is that we create the life that we are living in. We are the ones that set the limits of our life and what we think we can have.


There are Artifacts I have neatly arranged.


We have behaviors that are automatic responses to our environment and our life.


They are starting to swirl in a Ballroom Dance.

And when we are ready for a change in our life, these automatic responses to life, begin to be questioned and are not as solid as they were before.

ballroom dance.jpg

And After, I look again.


I am struck by an Infinity I can not explain.


My spirit is Ascending.


And all is so simple, there is nothing left to do but be Happy and Dance.

We look around and see a world in need of healing and tolerance and we ask ourselves will despair and gloom bring about the changes we want to see. The energy of Happiness and Positivity opens doors, brings fresh ideas and gives us a path forward.


The End

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