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Joyce is known for her whimsical unusual shapes.

Name: Ascending From Earth
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H40" X W12" X D8"

Patina Color: Black with bronze accent
Edition Limited 5/75
Inventory Number: 1026

Year 2011

Ascending From Earth


Ascending from Earth is a cast bronze sculpture that undulates in an upward motion. It reminds us to cast our feeling and emotions in a positive and healthy upward direction.

My spirit is Ascending.


Name: Vertical Eternity
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H39" X  W22" X D14"
Patina Color: Brown
Edition Limited 1/75
Inventory Number: 1088


Vertical Eternity

Each person, coming into this world struggles with these questions. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? And if there is persistence into these inquiries, we begin to look at ways we can contribute to this amazing experience called LIFE.

I Traveled to the top of the World to look for my Eternity.



Name: Infinity Large
Material: Cast Bronze

on Granite Base
Size: H72" X W 34"X D18"
Patina Color: Black with gold veins
Edition Limited 2/75
Inventory Number: 1011


Infinity Large


Infinity The idea of "Time" fascinates me. This piece starts out with a solid black granite cube, which grounds it in the "Earth", and whimsically floats up into a space that has no end.​

I am struck by an Infinity I can not explain.

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