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Hebrew Letters


Hay means window or wind-door. It is an opening in which air or wind can move through, into a house (place). It is effortless movement. The sound of the letter, resembles a mere exhalation of breath, it requires little effort, no movement of lips, tongue or mouth. This is symbolic of the effortless creation of the world. It is state of consciousness that is void of worry and fear. In this state of complete faith, through this window you can view a scene, or in the case of your mind, an imagined picture of something you desire,
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Vav means nail. A nail fastens or joins two things together. The letter Vav is also the Hebrew prefix meaning “and” - that which joins together words, sentences and concepts. It represents what you want or desire to accomplish. Desire, like the letter Vav, fastens your inner sight on what you see in your imagined inner mind.
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Zayin is the seventh letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. Zayin points to the spirit, and to time and space that are a human invention. We are asked to wake up from the burden of mundane matters, and see our real purpose for being here.
English Equivalent (Z)
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