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Hebrew Letters



Chet is the eighth letter in the Living Language Alphabet. The purpose of human life is combining the spiritual existence of Shabbat with the physical effort of the work that is done during the week. There are seven days in the week. The next number eighth, symbolizes man’s ability to transcend the limitations of our physical existence. It stands for an existence on a plane above nature, which is the metaphysical Divine.​

Name: Chet Grande
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 27.75” X W 19” X D 19”
Patina Color: Black Crackle
Edition Limited
Inventory Number: J108

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How wonderful to have a name starting with the Hebrew letter Tet. You are in good company, as Tet also begins the word Tov (good) and first appears in the Bible:  "And God saw all that He had made and behold it was good."


An interesting looking letter is Tet! With its inwardly oriented shape, Tet suggests that goodness is often hidden in our universe. But there's hope, because here comes another great Tet word, Tihar (purity and brilliance of light) — so along with the goodness inside us is the ability to lighten our path as well as the paths of others, making this world a better place.

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Yud is the smallest letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. Yud means hand, or a closed hand. When a hand is closed it is small, and what is inside the hand is hidden.It represents life in the world to come that has not manifested itself yet. Yud is an infinite point. Manifestation begins from a zero-dimensional point, thereafter developing into a one-dimensional line and then a two dimensional surface. It also stands for the “I” in the “I am”, or the center of consciousness of a personality.
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Kaf connotes productivity and accomplishment, which results through mental and physical effort. It is intentionality, willpower, and one-pointedness of mind. Here we are reminded that all though the gifts of wisdom are available for us to incorporate into our beings, we must seek them out, and ask to be given this knowledge.

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Final Kuf • used at the end of a word.

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