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Hebrew Letters



Dalet is the fourth letter of the Living Language Alphabet. It has the shape of an open door. A door is a physical place that one can pass through. In our busy everyday life, there are many hidden doors or opportunities, let us not be too busy or afraid, to recognize these portals to the divine. An interaction with another person, or appreciating our surroundings, these are opportunities to bring our understanding of God into the moment or place.​

Name: Dalet Grande
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 31” X W 17.5” X D 11.5”
Patina Color: Brown Crackle
Edition Limited
Inventory Number: J107

Poster_1000px copy.jpg

Name: Dalet Stylized
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 10” X W 8” X D 8”
Patina Color: Black with High Polish
Edition Limited
Inventory Number: J104-

Poster_1000px copy.jpg

Name: Dalet Mini
Material: Cast Bronze
Size: H” X W” X D”
Patina Color: Red

Edition Limited
Inventory Number:

Poster_1000px copy.jpg
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