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Hebrew Letters



Qof is the nineteenth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. It means holiness. To be holy is to be removed from ordinary use. It is also about the cycles of nature, the changing seasons, the daily rising and setting of the sun. These cycles are a relection of holiness.
English Equivalent (Q)
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In the letter Resh we are reminded of the Higher Consciousness, that can bring us knowledge that cannot be gained by logic alone. It is a place of having faith that this is the correct path, even though you do not have the proof in the physical world at this time
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Shin represents the concepts of wholeness and prosperity.

Shin refers to the rhythm of change in everyday life, ultimately leading to a peaceful existence. Shin starts the word for peace. It is a state of consciousness that is more then an absence of strife. It is considered one of God’s names. It is one of the special spiritual letters. You will find this letter on mezuzahs that are on the door posts of homes and rooms which points to its holiness. It is about joy, wholeness and prosperity. The letter Shin, adds the element of holiness, for internal and external peace is surely a holy gift.

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Tav is the twenty-second letter in the Hebrew Alphabet and is also the last letter. Tav symbolizes the cycles we see in all the things that surround us. It is about completing the circle, to make whole and see in a way that redeems rectifies such as in the Hebrew word "tikum"
English Equivalent (T)
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