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Joyce is known for her whimsical unusual shapes.

Name: Ballroom Dancing
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 13” X W 5.75” X D 4.25”
Patina Color: Teal Green and High Polish
Edition Limited 5/75

Year 2012
Inventory Number: A121


Ballroom Dancing copy.jpg

Ballroom Dancing

Everyone likes to watch people dancing. This sculpture reminded Joyce of dancers swirling around the floor in brightly colored costumes. This sculpture is featured in the Art Books called “Sign Posts Among the Living Shapes”. The book points to the idea of our ability to move harmoniously with what comes in and out of our lives. 


And when we are ready for a change in our life, these automatic responses to life, begin to be questioned and are not as solid as they were before.

They are starting to swirl in a Ballroom Dance.

land_ballroom dancers2.jpg

Name: Bird
Material: Cast Bronze on Granit Base
Size: H 10" X W 8" X D 4" 
Patina Color: Blue and black
Edition Limited 2/75 

Year 2011
Inventory Number: 1019



Birds and Angles are symbols of uplift and peace. Birds are a common sign that there are angels nearby and when you find their feathers this can be a sign to keep your eyes open for other signs and take advantage of their wisdom and the hints they leave you.

And a Bird laid a feather at my feet, as a sign that Angeles were always with me.


Name: Happy Dance Medium
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: HX WX D
Patina Color: 
Edition Limited 4/75

Year 2011
Inventory Number: 1016



Happy Dance Medium

We look around and see a world in need of healing and tolerance and we ask ourselves will despair and gloom bring about the changes we want to see. The energy of Happiness and Positivity opens doors, brings fresh ideas and gives us a path forward.

And all is so simple, there is nothing left to do but be Happy and Dance.

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