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The Sculpture and Artwork of Joyce Steinfeld

Joyce Steinfeld

Sign Posts book cover
Sign Posts
Among th
Abstract Bronze Sculpture
and a Poem

by Joyce Steinfeld 

Featured Art Piece

The search for the meaning of life is a quest that is aspiring and inspirational to every person. It is a healing journey that brings love and happiness to our lives at any age. In the art book, “Sign post Among the Living Shapes”, We are taken on this journey of spiritual growth. 

The Sculpture  and Artwork  of Joyce Steinfeld

Joyce Steinfeld is best known for her sculpture and artwork, that empowers people to connect with their best self and live an aspiring and inspirational life, with healing love and happiness. The art pieces begin conversations and build bridges moving us closer to the personal and cultural well being.“My abstractions of the human form, show gender, but race, nationality, and ethnicity are not recognizable.” Using simple, powerful and elegant abstract shapes, she explores these ideas. She is the founder of the non-profit 501c3 Art and Tolerance.

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