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Joyce is known for her whimsical unusual shapes.

Name: Aspiration
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 17"X W 6" X D6"
Patina Color: Teal Green
Edition Limited 3/75
Inventory Number: 1006

Year 2011




Life is magical. It is constantly giving us experiences and putting us together with people who are important to our journey. When we are not mindful, we don’t recognize what is in front of our eyes, and we see the garden as a desert. 

My Aspirations stood like sign posts in the desert.


Name: Happy Dance Large
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 20.5" X W 11" X D 9"
Patina Color: Grey / Silver
Edition Limited 2/75
Inventory Number: 1008

Year 2011

at the beachHappyDanceLg.jpg

Happy Dance Large

We look around and see a world in need of healing and tolerance and we ask ourselves will despair and gloom bring about the changes we want to see. The energy of Happiness and Positivity opens doors, brings fresh ideas and gives us a path forward.

And all is so simple, there is nothing left to do but be Happy and Dance.

print_portfolio_A101 copy.jpg

Name: Vertical Eternity Medium
Material: Cast Bronze on

Granite Base
Size: H22" X W12" X D9"
Patina Color:  light brown
Edition Limited 4/75
Inventory Number: 1009

Year 2011

vertical eternity Med.jpg

Vertical Eternity Medium

Each person, coming into this world struggles with these questions. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? And if there is persistence into these inquiries, we begin to look at ways we can contribute to this amazing experience called LIFE.

I Traveled to the top of the World to look for my Eternity.

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