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Hebrew Letters


Samech is a closed round letter and represents the idea of Divine support and protection. It is the idea of a higher power that aids our missions here on earth.
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Ayin the sixteenth letter in the Living Letter Alphabet and is the only other letter that is silent. Ayin symbolizes the qualities of perception and insight. Its silence suggests that by the powers of one’s own contemplation, you can attain perceptions that cannot be put into words.English Equivalent (Silent)

Name: Ayin Stylized
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 13” X W 9” X D 6”
Patina Color: Black with High Polish
Edition Limited
Inventory Number: J122

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Pey is the seventeenth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. The letter Pey has to do with communication between people and the power of speech. When people speak, they release a spiritual energy that sets events into motion. Words have great power.
English Equivalent (P/F)


Final Peh • used at the end of a word.

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Tsadeh is the eighteenth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. Tsadeh embraces the the concept of righteousness, one who is on the highest level. The bent shape of the letter reflects the bending of our will to a higher power., which occurs through unusual events and coincidences that guide our lives in ways we cannot predict.
English Equivalent (Ts)
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