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Joyce is known for her whimsical unusual shapes.

Name: After 2
Material: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 14.5” X W 9” X D 6”
Patina Color: Black Crackle with High Polish
Edition Limited 4/75
Inventory Number: A120

Year 2011

After2_2Wood Chairs#.jpg


Our society is concerned with perfection. But the reality is, we are on a learning journey. Sometimes it all works the first time, and at other times, After we look again we see something that can be improved.

And After, I look again.

A114_stand_right (1) copy.jpg

Name: Artifact
terial: Cast Bronze on Granite Base
Size: H 22” X W 10” X D 7”
Patina Color: Brown Crackle
Edition Limited 3/75
Inventory Number: 1005

Year 2011

Artifact_tableTop Plant#.jpg


This unusual and creative shape is mounted in a way that reminded Joyce of objects displayed in a Museum. Thus the name “Artifact”.

We have behaviors that are automatic responses to our environment and our life. They are Artifacts of a past life, and sometimes they are not appropriate to our present. Wake up, and be mindful of your present life and respond accordingly.

There are Artifacts I have neatly arranged.


Name: Infinity Medium
Material: Cast Bronze

on Granite Base
Size: H" X W "X D"
Patina Color: Black with gold veins
Edition Limited /75
Inventory Number: 



Infinity Medium

Infinity The idea of "Time" fascinates me. This piece starts out with a solid black granite cube, which grounds it in the "Earth", and whimsically floats up into a space that has no end.​

I am struck by an Infinity I can not explain.

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